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Our Board

The VYFL Board of Directors is a diverse, dedicated group of volunteers that oversee everything from league planning to game day operations. As you will note from the grid below we have a few openings for board members. If you are interested in helping the league in one of those capacities, please contact us!

2021 Members Our team of committed volunteers!

Christian Burdick
Christian Burdick


Anthony DePhillip
Anthony DePhillip

Athletic Director

Amie Pitman

Cheer Director

Travis Gilmore
Travis Gilmore

Security Director

Bill Loller

Medical & Safety Director

Kris Yelverton
Kris Yelverton

Finance Director

Chris Youngstrom

Equipment Director

Eric Wiggins

Communications/Technology Director

Kevin Cutler

Player Agent

Thomas Jackson

Game Day Operations - Closing

Dennis Sherba

Fields/Facilities/Uniform Director

Vincent Porto

Strategic Planning Director

Osee Nelli

Concessions Director