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Player Code of Conduct

Sportsmanship Code of Conduct


WE, the Parents, Players and VYFL, believe that the values embodied in good sportsmanship form a major part of the education and future of VYFL youth participants.

WE, the Parents, Players and VYFL, pledge ourselves to encourage and support the development and maintenance of a sportsmanlike atmosphere during all VYFL events at all times.

SO, the Player and Parent(s) whose signatures appear below, AGREE:

  1. Player and parents agree to show respect toward other players, parents, coaches and officials, avoid profane and abusive language, avoid gloating if the winner and bitterness if the loser, and always remember that football is a GAME to be enjoyed in a safe manner.
  2. No player or parent will direct critical or offensive comments or gestures to or toward game referees.
  3. No persons, except head coaches, assistant coaches, first aid, referees, yard marker volunteers and designated VYFL Board Members shall enter upon game fields or inside roped areas during games, except parents when the parent's child is injured.
  4. Any player ruled to have committed any form of unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not only a flagrant foul, may be ejected according to #5, below.
  5. Any player who fights during a game or scrimmage, immediately be ejected from the existing game or scrimmage and shall not participate (including wearing the game jersey, equipment and standing or sitting inside the roped area), in the next scheduled game, regardless of whether the next game is a regular season, playoff of super/consolation bowl game. (NOTE: "Fighting" is the use of a closed fist or kicking.)
    • Any Player not an in-bounds participant, who enters the field playing area ("in bounds") during a "fight" or any other unsportsmanlike activity, shall be immediately ejected under the exact same rule as in #5.
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